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Diego Bonsi, Master Engraver from Gardone Valtrompia, has an exclusive title that means art, luxury, precision, patience and nobility. These are the same virtues/values that a hunting weapon enthusiast feel while picking up one of his gun. If it is engraved by a Master Engraver from Gardone Val Trompia, it is authentic.


Engrave a hunting weapon is a tradition with decades of rich history, which is deeply rooted in Gardone Val Trompia, in Brescia.

The first masters engravers handed down this art only to the most talented of their apprentices. Among their clients there were the most demanding collectors and enthusiasts in the whole world.

The Art of Engraving

Punta e Martello - Hammer and CeselNell'immagine la punta e il martello originali di Diego Bonsi

The “Hammer and Cesel” technique is used to make deep engravings and to draw guidelines. Every gesture is the result of the artist’s experience and it needs huge concentration.

BulinoNell'immagine il bulino originale di Diego Bonsi

The “Bulino” technique is used to engrave metal parts with small close dots, in order to simulate the black color, or sparser dots to obtain shades of gray.

AgeminaNell'immagine lo strumento originale di Diego Bonsi

The “Agemina” is one of the most antiques methods to enhance objects. The gold inlays 24k are stuck in the metal through special slots realized with specific instruments.